DMT GmbH & Co. KG

Essen, Germany



DMT is an industrial and lead partner of the Re-Activate project. As a leader and driver in the exploration, mining services and technology sector, DMT is constantly developing innovative and robust solutions for this sector. Re-Activation of former mine sites is focused on extraction of mainly critical raw materials from mine tailings and dumps in a sustainable manner. This requires development and optimization of technologies and methods for assessment of secondary mineral resources and hydrometallurgical heap, in-situ and tank leaching.


DMT core activities focus on sensor-supported monitoring of mining operations, automation of exploration, mining and extraction processes, reactivation and/or remediation of abandoned mine sites, and assessment and certification of mineral resources and ore reserves. DMT owes its expertise to a history of long-term experience in the mining sector.


Exploration & mineral resource estimation of mine tailings


The exploration service at DMT encompasses prospecting, exploration and evaluation of different mineral deposits, especially, underground monitoring and investigations. Identification and monitoring activities via geological modelling, geophysics, surveying and geo-information and geo-technologies like 3D scanning tools, core scanners, etc.


Mining engineering of mine planning and closure


DMT offers services from technical feasibility studies, mine planning to closure and restoration including mine layout and extraction planning, rock mechanics (detailed planning of all mine workings), mine ventilation, gas management, gas drainage and mine gas utilization, mineral processing, mine closure and abandoned mining.


Exploration & resource estimation

•Tailings monitoring and surveying

•Code-compliant mineral resource estimation

•Geophysical exploration

•Geological resource modelling


Mining engineering

•Tailings extraction planning

•Extraction flowsheet development

•Mineral processing

•NORM classification & disposal


•Reactivation of abandoned mines


Classification & Certification



Other projects








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Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola

Bochum, Germany





Geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations

•Field work: soil mechanical investigations (deep penetration tests, core drilling, density determination, compaction control)

•Field work: assessment of the quality of the support of wells and drill holes down to 500 m with a borehole camera

•Field work: hydrogeological investigations (stationary and in-stationary pumping tests, installation of groundwater monitoring wells, surveying of groundwater surfaces, determination of field parameter such as temperature, pH-value, electrical conductivity, seepage tests)


Interaction with stakeholders

•Conduction of local and regional economic development policies

•Development of reutilization concepts of waste dump heaps


Surveying and geomonitoring

•Conduction and interpretation of surveying campaigns

•Analyses of surveying information, maps and geodata

•Interpretation of satellite data

•Survey techniques: gravimetric


Lab tests

•Soil mechanical investigations: water content, density, compactness determination, analyses of cohesive soil, compactability, Proctor density, carbonate content

•Soil mechanical investigations: Triaxial pressure tests to determine permeability of rock samples under deposit conditions

•Hydromechanical investigations: Back-Pressure tests with 6 bar differential pressure, permeability tests

•Hydrochemical investigations: organoleptic test, temperature, pH-value, conductivity, oxygen content, eluate test with column

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Clausthal University of Technology




Characterization and analytics


Mine planning

•Production, logistics, materials handling and rebuilding


Processing & flow sheet development:

•Mineral processing, hydrometallurgy and flotation

•Recovery of metals and minerals

•Applications for secondary raw materials


Geotechnical engineering & mine surveying:

•Structural stability of geotechnical constructions

•Impact on nearby environment (buildings …)


Economic and ecological evaluation including LCA


Other projects

•Winning of Strategic Metals from Tailings (REWITA)

•Project “Landfill mining”

•Recycling 2.0

•Utilization of the resource potential from mining heaps and slag dumos considering sustainability applied to the example of Western Harz (ROBEHA)

•Recovery of metals from copper slag heaps of the Mansfelder region (MAKU)

•Set-up of a German-Brazilian consortia to recover rare earth metals and rare earth compounds from the tailings of Catalao/Goias

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Tallin Universiy of Technology




Mining impact

•Vibrations, dust, noise, seismicity, stability


Mining technology engineering

•Drilling, blasting


High class mining condition laboratories

•Vibration, dust, acoustic and seismic meters

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KGHM Cuprum




KGHM Cuprum conducts scientific and technological research in geology and hydrogeology, mining, rock-mass mechanics, mine ventilation, automation, electrification and mechanization, ore processing, tailings disposal, surveying and environmental protection.


KGHM Cuprum provides an engineering and research consulting service for the mining industry and operates in all service areas linked with mining activity, from project evaluation, through research and development, to project management and supervision of the implementation stage.



•Management of mineral resources and tailings generated during ores extraction and processing

•Evaluation of impact of mining and hydro technical facilities, on underground water

•Evaluation of ore mines closure costs together with description of hydrogeological and environmental changes



•Optimisation of modernisation of excavation technologies and mine structures


Mineral processing

•Elaboration of recommendations and guides for rehabilitation

•Technical and economic expertise

•Biotechnological processes


Environmental assessment and monitoring

•Sampling and testing of industrial wastes

•Elaboration of sampling protocols for waste and industrial products

•Technologies for waste utilization und usage


Mine closure


Other projects

•BioMOre (2015 – 2018)

•Promine (2009 – 2013)

•Bioshale (2004 – 2008

•CLOTADAM (2001 – 2005)

•LICYMIN (2000 – 2003

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Geological Survey of Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia



Exploration and resource evaluation


Policy development

•Sustainable resource management


Environmental monitoring / geochemistry

•Impact of mining, processing activities and tailings


Public mining service

•Disseminating information and recommendations to the national and local government level for balanced mineral resources management


Spatial planning of mining sites

•Mining database manager: inventory of abandoned mine sites in Slovenia

•Geological field surveying


Laboratory and equipment



•granulometrical laboratory

•optical microscopy

•equipment for reflective seismic

•Borehole mapping: Neutron probe, cameras, etc.


Other projects










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Münster, Germany



Aerial image and satellite-based remote sensing exploration and exploration planning



•Environment & mining activities


Recovery of raw materials

•Detection and determination by using remote sensing


Environmental protection and monitoring

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KULeuven, University of Leuven




Geochemical, mineralogical characterization and 3D modelling

•Of mine dumps and tailings storage facilities



•Pyro-, hydro-, solvo-, electro-metallurgy for base metal and critical recovery (strong competence in REE, Sc, Sb, Co) from low-grade ores and extractive waste (metallurgical slags, sludges and mining waste)

•Process intensification (microwave, ultrasound, flow reactors)

•Upcycling of mineral fraction of extractive waste into high added value products (e.g. cement and alternative binders such as inorganic polymers, construction materials)

•Enhanced landfill mining of municipal solid waste landfills and industrial landfills (including mining dumps and tailing storage facilities)


Policy development

•Techno-economic & socio-economic assessment, sustainable materials management


Other projects










•Website Sustainable Inorganic Materials Management

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Spanish National Research Council





•Long standing expertise in structural geology mapping, ore petrology and geochemical investigation of Ni-Cu magmatic sulphide and PGE mineral deposits


Mineral processing technologies

•Quantitative assessment of ore mineralogy and characterisation in order to increase efficiency and reduce risk in ore beneficiation, and thus improving mine feasibility

•Expertise on X-ray diffraction, automated SEM, electron probe microanalysis, LA-ICP-MS, mass spectrometry and development of new analytical protocols for analyses of raw materials


Environmental assessment and monitoring – mine closing

•Feasibility and impact of exploration techniques and application to remediation protocols


Other projects

•Modification and refertilization of the lithospheric mantle: implications for the recycling of critical raw materials

•Hydrothermal – magmatic ore deposits as a source of unconventional metals

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Helmholtz Zentrum

Dresden Rossendorf, Germany



Geochemical characterization

•Primary ores

•Tailings, slags and waste sludge

•Polymetallic raw materials

•Tailings sampling, sample preparation and mineral characterization by XRD and MLA analysis



•Bio/hydrometallurgical extraction, including optimization

•Recycling of REE and other CRMs including gallium, indium and germanium



•Drones with several instruments such as hyperspectral camera

•Satellite image and remote sensing data processing

•3-D modelling of the resource potential of tailings (as well as for hazardous elements)

•Processing test for several methods such as flotation or magnetic separation

•Bioleaching pilot plant for leaching test of sulfidic tailing material (planning phase)

•Development of processing routes (bioleaching / mechanical processing including metallurgy)

•Lifecycle analysis and geo-metallurgy


Other projects

•New strategies for the processing of complex ores (AFK)

•Resource potentials of hydrothermal deposits in the Variscan belt

•Raw materials from mining residues

•German Resource Research Institute GERRI

•Mineralogical characterization and sustainable processing strategies for the Nam Xe rare earths ore deposit in Vietnam

•Selective liquid-liquid-extraction of lanthanoids and actinoids by using pre-organized calixarens

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Montanunversität Leoben




Excavation optimization

•Rock mechanics

•Mine and land surveying, mine planning


Mineral processing

•Metallurgy & recycling


Mine closure & reclamation

•Technical & economical

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Ovidius University of Constanta

Constanta, Romania



Bio-electrochemical recovery technologies

•Sludge, slags, secondary raw materials and water


Environmental impact assessment – LCA (Life-cycle assessment)

•Access to tailings deposits and/or industry partners

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